Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Everly Brothers - Beat & Soul

The Everly Brothers - Beat & Soul
Warner Bros. WS-1605 (1965)

Side One
1. Love Is Strange
2. Money
3. What Am I Living For
4. Hi Heel Sneakers
5. C.C. Rider
6. Lonely Avenue

Side Two
1. Man With Money
2. People Get Ready
3. My Babe
4. Walking The Dog
5. I Almost Lost My Mind
6. The Girl Can't Help It

Don Everly - vocals, guitar
Phil Everly - vocals, guitar
James Burton - guitar
Glen Campbell - guitar
Sonny Curtis - guitar
Larry Knechtel - bass
Leon Russell - piano
Billy Preston - piano
Jim Gordon - drums

Producer: Dick Glasser


  1. Would like to add a few records to the Jim Gordon
    discography regarding The Everly Brothers.:
    "Gone,Gone,Gone" - 1/65
    "In Our Image" -W.B.4/66
    "Two Yanks In England"- W.B.8/66
    "The Hit Sound Of The Everly Brothers"- W.B.4/67
    "Roots"- W.B.1/69
    "The Price Of Fame"- Bear Family 2005 includes a
    live Stockholm radio show, with book.
    "Chained To A Memory"- Bear Family 2005 includes
    many out takes and unreleased material with book.In Nov. '66 Don and Phil produced a 45 for
    Adrian Pride "Her Name Is Melody"/"I Go To Sleep" on Warner Brothers. The drummer is probably Jim Gordon.

  2. Wow...thank you! I'll add them to the page. Do you have any documentation confirming that he played on all of those records?

  3. Hi,
    Your welcome! Good luck with this project. Yes, it's all covered in the detailed discography in both
    books that come with "Price Of Fame" and "Chained"
    Bear Family box sets.