Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bob Thiele & His Orchestra - I Saw Pinetop Spit Blood

Bob Thiele & His Orchestra - I Saw Pinetop Spit Blood
Flying Dutchman Records BDL1-0964 (1975)

1. The Evil Dude
2. Romance In The Dark
3. Kung Fu, Too!
4. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
5. New Orleans
6. I Saw Pinetop Spit Blood
7. Mama Love
8. Theme From Chinatown
9. How Does It Feel To Feel?
10. Hurry On Down

Bobby Bryant - trumpet
Oscar Brashear - trumpet
Bob Brookmeyer - trombone
Lloyd Ulyate - trombone
Tom Scott - saxophone, flute
Mike Wofford - piano, organ, synthesizer
Dennis Budimir - guitar
Lee Ritenour - guitar
Joe Jammer - guitar
Chuck Domanico - bass
Jim Gordon - drums
Willie Bobo - percussion
Buddy Childers - trumpet
Paul Hubinon - trumpet
Ollie Mitchell - trumpet
Chauncey Welsch - trombone
Maurice Spears - bass trombone
Buddy Collette - saxophone, flute
Ronald Langinger - saxophone, flute
Bud Shank - saxophone, flute
Jack Nimitz - saxophong
Mike Lang - piano, organ
Bunny Briggs - vocals
Chuck Berghofer - bass
Brooks Tillotson - french horn
Mike Anthony - guitar
Hal Blaine - drums
Gene Orloff - violin
Joe Malin - violin
Max Cahn - violin
Leo Kahn - violin
David Nadien - violin
Al Brown - cello
Calmen Fleisig - cello
George Ricci - cello
Tasha Thomas - vocals
Carl Hall - vocals
Bob Thiele, Jr. - vocals
Teresa Brewer - vocals
Megan Monahan - vocals


  1. Just for the record two songs that Jim plays on this LP,"New Orleans" and "Hurry On Down" appear on "Teresa Brewer - 16 Most Requested Songs" on Columbia/Legacy.Bob Thiele was married to Teresa.

  2. Thanks! I was trying to figure out which tracks Jim played on with Teresa Brewer.

  3. Personnel leaves off the critical Oliver Nelson, who wrote, arranged and conducted tracks #1 (a remake of his earlier "Trane Whistle"), 6 and 7, as well as arranging and conducting for track 4.

    One of only 3 albums where Nelson dabbled in funk the year he died - the other 2 are his own Skull Session and Groove Holmes' "Theme From Six Million Dollar Man" and Other Selections.

  4. Thanks Joe, but I really only have put in the musician credits...Oliver unfortunately didn't play on that record. Also, Gordon is on BOTH of those other Nelson records!