Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tom Scott - In L.A.

Tom Scott - In L.A.
Flying Dutchman Records BDL1-0833 (1975)

Side One
1. Head Start
2. The Gospel Of No Name City
3. Beatle Ballads
4. Aquarius

Side Two
1. I Talk To The Trees
2. Freaky Zeke
3. I Still See Elisa
4. Hand Me Down That Can O' Beans

Tom Scott - clarinet, alto sax
Roger Kellaway - piano, organ, harpsichord, celeste
Chuck Domanico - bass, Indian ecktara
Howard Roberts - guitar
Gary Coleman - percussion
Jim Gordon - drums, timbales
Buddy Childers - trumpet, flugelhorn
Paul Hubinon - trumpet, flugelhorn
Gary Barone - trumpet, flugelhornBob Brookmeyer - valve trombone
Mike Barone - trombone
George Bohanon - trombone
Ernie Tack - bass trombone
Bob Henderson - french horn, tuben horn, descant horn
Bill Perkins - alto sax, flute, alto flute
Pete Christleib - tenor sax, flute, alto flute
Jim Horn - baritone sax, oboe, flute, alto flute
John Guerin - drums, timbales

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