Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marlena Shaw - Who Is This Bitch, Anyway?

Marlena Shaw - Who Is This Bitch, Anyway?
Blue Note Records BA-LA397-G (1974)

Side One
1. You, Me And Ethel
2. Street Walkin' Woman
3. You Taught Me How To Speak In Love
4. Davy
5. Feel Like Makin' Love
6. The Lord Giveth And The Lord Taketh Away

Side Two
1. You Been Away Too Long
2. You
3. Loving You Was Like A Party
4. A Prelude For Rose Marie
5. Rose Marie (Mon Cherie)

Marlena Shaw - vocals, piano
Julia Tillman - vocals
Marti McCall - vocals
Maxine Willard - vocals
Patti Brooks - vocals
Chuck Domanico - bass
Chuck Rainey - bass
King Errison - percussion
Harvey Mason - drums, percussion, wind chimes
Jim Gordon - drums
Larry Nash - electric piano
Bernard Ighner - flugelhorn, piano
David T. Walker - guitar
Dennis Budimer - guitar
Larry Carlton - guitar
Bill Mays - piano
Mike Lang - piano

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