Wednesday, March 23, 2011

James Lee Stanley - James Lee Stanley

James Lee Stanley - James Lee Stanley
Wooden Nickel WNS-1001 (1973)

1. Runnin' After You
2. No Trace
3. Every Minute
4. I Knead You
5. Wash Away
6. Afternoon Rain
7. There Is A Woman
8. Where Am I Now
9. River
10. Taking You Home

Jim Stanley - guitar, vocals
Larry Carlton - guitar
John Barlow Jarvis - piano
Michael Omartian - piano, organ
Mark Tulin - bass
Jim Gordon - drums
Russ Kunkel - drums
Doug Dillard - banjo
Gib Guilbeau - fiddle
Don Dunn - vocals
John Batdorf - vocals
Mark Rodney - vocals
Claudia Brown - good vibes


  1. Add: James Lee Stanley -"Eclipse" Jollye Roger 1982

  2. "Eclipse" is a compilation of Stanley's first three albums, no? As for right now, I'm leaving out most compilations and box sets unless they have previously unreleased material with Jim on it. I'll probably add them eventually though! Thanks again!

  3. Yes and no. "Eclipse" contains 6 previous songs and 6 new songs. I only collect compilations and box
    sets with unreleased material with Jim on it. I'm sure
    everybody owns a few "Smile" bootlegs too.

  4. Oh, ok great! I'm gonna wait to post Smile until the box set comes out so i'll have more detailed information. I really appreciate your contributions a lot..thank you again!