Friday, March 25, 2011

Digby Richards - Digby Richards

Digby Richards - Digby Richards
RCA Victor VPL1-0001 (1974)

Side One
1. New York City (Sent My Baby Home)
2. Be My Day
3. You Can Lay My Mind At Rest
4. My Daddy Was A Song And Dance Man
5. Rock 'N Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)

Side Two
1. If I Could Write A Love Song
2. Be My Guitar
3. A Little Piece Of Peace
4. Dawning Of The Morning
5. Do The Spunky Monkey
6. The Dancer

Digby Richards - vocals, guitar
Thad Maxwell - guitar
Joe Osborn - bass
Herb Pedersen - vocals
Dick Rosmini - guitar
Dennis St. John - drums
Jeff Gilkinson - banjo, harmonica
Larry Murray - vocals
Jim Keltner - drums
Jim Gordon - drums
Bobbye Hall - percussion
Richard Bennett - guitar
Rita Jean Bodine - vocals
Carol Carmichael Parks - vocals
Dennis Conway - drums
Linda Dillard - vocals
Emory Gordy - bass
Alan Lindgren - synthesizer

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