Saturday, March 5, 2011

David Baskerville - Robin Hood Band

David Baskerville - Robin Hood Band
Venise 10016 (1961)

Side One
1. Grand Entry Swing March
2. Western One-Step
3. Malaguena
4. Dizzy Fingers
5. Moonride
6. St. Louis Blues

Side Two
1. Great Day
2. Deep River
3. Western Hoe-Down
4. Black is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
5. Blue Skies
6. El Capitan


  1. Are you certain that Jim Gordon (drummer) is on this record? About to purchase a copy online and I just want to make sure there isn't any confusion with it maybe being Jim Gordon, the saxophonist...Not to put any doubt on what you have done with this site...this might be my favorite web site...I'll come on here occasionally, select a few random records, and go out and get them. Really appreciate your research.

  2. Hey! Yes sir, it's the first record Jim was ever on! He was 16! If you end up getting a copy and feel like scanning the cover and liner notes please send them
    my way!

    So glad you like the site!


  3. I will definitely do that. Do you know if he is playing drum set on this record, or percussion?