Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dennis Lambert - Bags & Things

Dennis Lambert - Bags & Things
ABC/Dunhill DSX-50119 (1971)

Side One
1. Bags & Things
2. Ashes To Ashes
3. Of All The Things
4. Somebody Found Her (Before I Lost Her)
5. I Didn't Sing (In The New York Subway)

Side Two
1. Cross My Mind
2. Something To Remember You By
3. So Little Time
4. Rock & Roll Mood
5. Dream On

Dennis Lambert - piano, vocals
Artie Butler - organ, electric piano
Bill Perkins - alto saxophone
Brian Potter - percussion
Hal Blaine - drums
Jim Gordon - drums, percussion
Ollie Mitchell - trumpet
Plas Johnson - tenor saxophone
Ray Pohlman - bass


  1. Yes,that's Jim Gordon playing the song "Rock and Roll Heaven" on The Righteous Brothers LP "Give It to The People" - Capitol 1974. Produced by Dennis Lambert/Brian Potter.

  2. That definitely sounds like Jim on that Righteous Brothers track, but I can't find it listed you have any documentation of that?

  3. The credits are listed on the inner sleeve of "Give It To The People", he is also on another track "I Just Wanna Be Me". Ed Greene plays drums
    on the the rest of the album.

  4. Thank you! It's been posted, if you get a chance and would like to post the full list of musicians credited on the record that would be great!