Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bobby Whitlock - Bobby Whitlock

Bobby Whitlock - Bobby Whitlock
Dunhill Records DSX-50121 (1972)

Side One
1. Where There's A Will There's A Way
2. Song For Paula
3. A Game Called Life
4. Country Life
5. A Day Without Jesus

Side Two
1. Back In My Life Again
2. The Scenery Has Slowly Changed
3. I'd Rather Live The Straight Life
4. The Dreams Of A Hobo
5. Back Home In England

Bobby Whitlock - keyboards, guitar, vocals
George Harrison - guitar
Eric Clapton - guitar
Klaus Voormann - bass
Jim Gordon - drums, tabla
Bobby Keys - saxophone
Jim Price - trumpet
Chris Wood - flute
Jim Keltner - drums
Carl Radle - bass
Jerry McGee - guitar
Delaney Bramlett - vocals
Bonnie Bramlett - vocals
The L.A. Symphony Orchestra

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