Friday, April 1, 2011

Sammy Walker - Sammy Walker

Sammy Walker - Sammy Walker
Warner Bros. BS-2961 (1976)

Side One
1. Brown Eyed Georgia Darlin'
2. Days I Left Behind
3. A Cold Pittsburgh Morning
4. My Old Friend
5. Catcher In The Rye

Side Two
1. Decoration On The Wall
2. Little New Jersey Town
3. I Ain't Got Time To Kill
4. The Street Above Lake Eric
5. The East Colorado Dam
6. If I Had The Time

Sammy Walker - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Ben Benay - guitar, mandolin
James Burton - dobro
Dan Dugmore - pedal steel guitar
Jim Gordon - drums
Bill Graham - fiddle
Ernie Hawkins - vocals
John Hobbs - piano, organ, vocals
Peter Jameson - gutiar, vocals
Marc Piscitelli - vocals
Lyle Ritz - bass
Waddy Wachtel - guitar

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