Monday, April 18, 2011

The Everly Brothers - Gone Gone Gone

The Everly Brothers - Gone Gone Gone
Warner Bros. Records W-1585 (1964)

Side One
1. Donna, Donna
2. Lonely Island
3. The Facts Of Life
4. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
5. Love Is All I Need
6. Torture

Side Two
1. The Drop Out
2. Radio And TV
3. Honolulu
4. It's Been A Long Dry Spell
5. The Ferris Wheel
6. Gone, Gone, Gone

Don Everly - guitar, vocals
Phil Everly - guitar, vocals
Glen Campbell - guitar
Billy Strange - guitar
Sonny Curtis - guitar
Ray Pohlman - bass
Hal Blaine - drums
Jerry Allison - drums
Leon Russell - keyboards
Harold Diner - trombone
Kenny Shroyer - trombone
John Audino - trumpet
Tony Terran - trumpet
James Burton - guitar
Bobby Gibbons - guitar
Don Peake - guitar
Lyle Ritz - bass
Ritchie Frost - drums
Jim W. Gordon - saxophone, keyboards
Marshall Cram - trombone
Tom Sheppard - trombone
Ollie Mitchell - trumpet
Tommy Allsup - guitar
Jim Gordon - drums
Harky Hall - drums
Ray Johnson - piano

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  1. I first heard the single "Gone Gone Gone" in a juke box and those things were all bass (I liked the sound) and the drumming moved the whole song along, I believe it is one of Jim's finest moments. Everything he did for The Everly brothers was great though, the guy was a natural, he was 17 when he started playing for them in 1963.