Monday, April 4, 2011

Dan Hill - Frozen In The Night

Dan Hill - Frozen In The Night
20th Century Fox Records T-558 (1978)

Side One
1. Frozen In The Night
2. All I See Is Your Face
3. No One Taught Me How To Lie
4. (Why Did You Have To Go And) Pick On Me
5. Friends
6. Let The Last Song Last Forever

Side Two
1. When The Hurt Comes
2. Dark Side Of Atlanta
3. Indian Woman
4. Till The Day I Die
5. Your Only Friend

Dan Hill - guitar, vocals
John Tropea - guitar
Arlen Roth - guitar
Leah Kunkel - vocals
Barry Mann - piano
Brian Russell - sitar
Doug Riley - keyboards
Don Potter - guitar
Jim Gordon - drums
Jorn Andersen - drums
Richard Homme - bass
Bob Mann - guitar
Matthew McCauley - synthesizer
Ben Mink - mandolin
Fred Mollin - guitar, percussion, vocals
Bobby Ogdin - organ, piano
Dennis Pendrith - bass
Tom Szczesniak - bass
Russ Hartenberger - drums, percussion
Larrie Londin - drums

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