Saturday, August 27, 2011

Theo Bikel - A New Day

Theo Bikel - A New Day
Reprise Records 6348 (1969)

Side One
1. Urge For Goin'
2. Jennier Juniper
3. Lady Jane
4. I Love My Dog
5. For No One
6. Amsterdam

Side Two
1. Piggies
2. Mother Nature's Son
3. The Great Mandala (The Wheel Of Life)
4. The Lady Is Waiting
5. I Hear The Laughter

Theodore Bikel - vocals
Jim Gordon - drums
Larry Knechtel - bass, keyboards
Louie Shelton - guitar
Eric Weissberg - banjo
Sid Sharp - strings
Donnie Gallucci
Joey Newman
Paul Beaver - synthesizer


  1. Today is actress Peggy Lipton's birthday, yes she
    too recorded with Jim Gordon. Her album on Columbia/Ode from '68 had Jimmy,Hal Blaine, Joe
    Osborn ect produced by Lou Adler. She wrote 4 songs on the album.

  2. Peggy Lipton's album was on Ode, Z12-44006

    Rhythm section under the direction of Hal Blaine,
    Included Joe Osborn,Larry Knechtel,Mike Deasy,Gary Coleman,Lou Morell,Charlie Larkey,Jim Gordon,Jim Horn and The Blossoms on background vocals. Produced by Lou Adler in '68.

  3. I listen to this album all the time. It is amazing. A true masterpiece. I once found it on 8-track with the note: "The Best Album of All Time" I wouldn't go that far. But it is very beautiful. - AdamAtz