Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gordon Lightfoot - Gord's Gold

Gordon Lightfoot - Gord's Gold
Reprise Records R-224008 (1975)

Side One
1. I'm Not Sayin'/Ribbon Of Darkness
2. Song For A Winter's Night
3. Canadian Railway Trilogy
4. Softly
5. For Lovin' Me/Did She Mention My Name

Side Two
1. Affair On 8th Avenue
2. Steel Rail Blues
3. Wherefore And Why
4. Bitter Green
5. Early Morning Rain

Side Three
1. Minstrel Of The Dawn
2. Sundown
3. Beautiful
4. Summer Side Of Life
5. Rainy Day People
6. Cotton Jenny

Side Four
1. Don Quixote
2. Circle Of Steel
3. Old Dan's Records
4. If You Could Read My Mind
5. Cold On The Shoulder
6. Carefree Highway

Gordon Lightfoot - guitar, vocals
Larry Good - banjo
John Stockfish - bass
Junior Husky - bass
Rick Haynes - bass
Barry Keane - drums
Jim Gordon - drums
Red Shea - guitar
Terry Clements - guitar, mandolin
Charlie McCoy - harmonica
Milt Holland - percussion
Pee Wee Charles - pedal steel guitar


  1. Hey, thought you were not doing 'Greatest Hits'
    comp albums? The inside self-portrait of Jim is cool. Since it's Ronnie Spector's birtday today,
    you got to put up her Apple 45 "Try Some,Buy Some". Produced by Phil Spector with George Harrison on guitar,Klaus Voormann, bass,Jim Gordon on drums, with Leon Russell and Gary Wright on pianos, and John Barham. The track is probably the same as on "Living in The Material World" that George did. Great picture sleeve too!

  2. That's birthday......

  3. I wasn't really doing compilations, but Gord's Gold has a few tracks that were only recorded and released on this record, so I included it! Yeah the Try Some Buy Some 45 is the same backing track as the George version..but yeah i'll put it up! Thanks!