Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Righteous Brothers - Give It To The People

The Righteous Brothers - Give It To The People
Capitol Records ST-9201 (1974)

Side One
1. Dr. Rock And Roll
2. And I Thought You Loved Me
3. Dream On
4. You Turn Me Around
5. Together Again

Side Two
1. Give It To The People
2. I Just Wanna Be Me
3. Love Is Not A Dirty Word
4. Lines
5. Rock And Roll Heaven

Michael Omartian - piano & electric piano
Dennis Lambert - clavinet
Scott Edwards - bass
Wilton Felder - bass
Ed Greene - drums
Jim Gordon - drums
Dean Parks - guitar
Larry Carlton - guitar
Ben Benay - guitar
Gary Coleman - percussion
Brian Potter - percussion
Ernie Watts - saxophone
Jerome Richardson - saxophone
Chuck Findley - trumpet
Paul Hubinon - trumpet
Lew McCreary - trombone
Jack Kelso - trombone
Jim Horn - saxophone
Ollie Mitchell - trumpet
Bill Green - horn
Ginger Blake - vocals
Maxine Willard
 - vocals
Julia Tillman
 - vocals
Sherlie Matthews
 - vocals
Clydie King
 - vocals
Marti McCall
 - vocals
Dennis Lambert
 - vocals
Bobby Hatfield
 - vocals
Bill Medley
 - vocals


  1. Happy 87th birthday to Theodore Bikel! His Reprise
    LP "Theo Bikel/A New Day" from 1969 has Jim Gordon on drums. Welcome back Bunny Lee!

  2. I'm not sure if you're still looking for this, but here you go:

    "Give It To The People" by the Righteous Brothers, 1974


    Michael Omartian, piano & electric piano
    Dennis Lambert, clavinet
    Scott Edwards, bass
    Wilton Felder, bass
    Ed Greene, drums
    Jim Gordon, drums
    Dean Parks, guitar
    Larry Carlton, guitar
    Ben Benay, guitar
    Gary Coleman, percussion
    Brian Potter, percussion
    Ernie Watts, horn
    Jerome Richardson, horn
    Chuck Findley, horn
    Paul Hubinon, horn
    Lew McCreary, horn
    Jack Kelson, horn
    Jim Horn, horn
    Ollie Mitchell, horn
    Bill Green, horn
    Sid Sharp, concert master
    Ginger Blake, background vocals
    Maxine Willard, background vocals
    Julia Tillman, background vocals
    Sherlie Matthews, background vocals
    Clydie King, background vocals
    Marti McCall, background vocals
    Dennis Lambert, background vocals
    Bobby Hatfield, background vocals
    Bill Medley, background vocals