Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paul Bogush, Jr. - Expect To Hear From Me Again

Paul Bogush, Jr. - Expect To Hear From Me Again
Private Stock Records PS-2025 (1977)

Side One
1. Everybody In America Should Sing
2. You Can't Cry For Help
3. Mistreated
4. Ain't It Wonderful
5. Star Story

Side Two
1. Expect To Hear From Me Again
2. Simon Says
3. Me
4. Little Bit Of Understanding
5. Time Like These

Paul Bogush, Jr.  - vocals
Larry Carlton - guitar, bass, vocals
Dean Parks - guitar
Glen Rupp - guitar, vocals
Joe Cuttone - bass
Wilton Felder - bass
Sid Sims - bass
Patrick Leonard - keyboards
Paul Lidman - keyboards
Michael Omartian - keyboards, vocals
Joe Sample - keyboards
Jim Gordon - drums
Tom Radtke - drums
Jack Skalon - drums
David Curtis - vocals
Ron Crews - vocals
Kitty Haywood - vocals
Bill Jordan - vocals
Marie Kurgan - vocals
Kitty Laub - vocals
Butch Pietrini - vocals
Mary Ann Stewart - vocals


  1. Oh Paul, I miss the old days soooo much! I just want to take that scarf and rub it between my legs, and then shove it in your mouth.