Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ricky Segall - Ricky Segall & The Segalls

Ricky Segall - Ricky Segall & The Segalls
Bell Records 1138 (1973)

1. What Kind Of Noise Do You Make
2. When I Grow Up
3. Just Loving You
4. Mr. President
5. Bicycle Song
6. Sooner Or Later
7. What Would You Like To Be?
8. All I Want To Ask Santa Claus
9. A Little Bit Of Love

Jim Gordon - drums
Hal Blaine - drums
Ben Benay - guitar
Dennis Budimer - guitar
Richard Bennett - guitar
Gary Coleman - percussion
Larry Muhoberac - keyboards
Tom Hensley - keyboards
Michael Omartian - keyboards
Jackie Kelso - reeds
Bill Perkins - reeds
Ernie Watts - reeds
Plas Johnson - reeds
Ray Pizzi - bassoon


  1. Hi, since i am the one who told you about this LP
    here goes: Drums-Hal Blaine,Jim Gordon
    Guitar-Ben Benay,Dennis Budimer,Richard Bennett
    Percussion-Gary Coleman
    Keyboards-Larry Muhoberac,Tom Hensley,
    Michael Omartian
    Woodwinds-Jackie Kelso,Bill Perkins,
    Ernie Watts,Plas Johnson
    Bassoon-Ray Pizzi
    Strings led by Lenny Malasky
    Arranged by John Bahler -recorded at
    The Record Plant
    Engineer:Gary Kellgren

  2. Pardon me that's Lenny Malarsky!!!