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Jack Wilce - Apple Pie, Mother & The Flag/Ballad Of Baby Browning

Jack Wilce - Apple Pie, Mother & The Flag/Ballad Of Baby Browning
Elektra Records - EKSN 45068 (1969)

Side One
1. Apple Pie, Mother & The Flag

Side Two
1. Ballad Of Baby Browning

Jack Wilce - vocals
Gram Parsons - vocals
Sneaky Pete Kleinow - pedal steel guitar
Chris Etheridge - bass
James Burton - guitar, dobro
Jim Gordon - drums



  2. PP Arnold - The Turning Tide - 2017

    Digitally remastered archive release from the legendary vocalist. PP became one of the iconic faces of the 60's. This year celebrates her 50-year anniversary as an incredible performing artist in the music industry. These recording sessions bring back happy memories for PP, with Bill Shepherd (Bee Gees, Gene Vincent) creating the beautiful arrangements we hear on the record today. "We recorded around ten tracks, eight of which made it onto The Turning Tide".

    Sadly, due to Bee Gee's commitments only half the record was able to be completed, and PP was heartbroken, as she had put her heart and soul into the recordings. At a lot loss on how to go forward it was the idea of her manager Robert Stigwood to pair PP up with Eric Clapton. Eric called in his Delaney and Bonnie band who later became Derek and The Dominos, along with Rita Coolidge and PP's dear friend soul singer Doris Troy. The end result was phenomenal, they recorded songs written by Steve Winwood, Van Morrison and Jagger & Richards.

    These recordings were left sitting on shelves for many years due to industry politics, and still after all these years, PP could never fathom the thought that nobody would be able to hear them. It became her mission to let these recordings see the light of day, and not let this incredible piece of music history stay buried. Steve Cradock (Ocean Colour Scene) began mixing the tracks, calling upon his old friend Paul Weller, who gladly allowed them to use his Black Barn Studio, and also his long time engineer, Charles Rees. The results were remarkable; after all these years, pieces of history were brought back to life again.

    01. Medicated Goo [Steve Winwood/Jimmy Miller]
    02. Born [Barry Gibb]
    03. If This Were My World [Caleb Quaye/PP Arnold]
    04. High And Windy Mountain [Barry Gibb]
    05. Spinning Wheel [David Clayton Thomas]
    06. Bury Me Down By the River [Barry Gibb/Maurice Gibb]
    07. Children of The Last War Caleb Quaye/PP Arnold]
    08. Brand New Day [Van Morrison]
    09. The Turning Tide [Barry Gibb]
    10. You’ve Made Me So Very Happy [Brenda Holloway/Patrice Holloway/Frank Wilson/Barry Gordy]
    11. Give a Hand Take a Hand [Barry Gibb]
    12. Happiness [Barry Gibb]
    13. You Can’t Always Get What You Want [Mick Jagger/Keith Richards]

    PP Arnold - Vocals
    Eric Clapton and Dave Mason - Guitar
    Bobby Whitlock - Keyboards, Piano
    Jim Gordon - Drums
    Carl Radle and Steve York - Bass
    Bobby Keys - Sax
    Jim Price - Trumpet
    Kay Garner, Lesley Ducan and Doris Troy - Backing Vocals


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  6. Gary Lewis Listen! released
    In October 1967.
    VARIOUS PERCUSSION:Jim Gordon,Curry Tjader,John Clauder,John Baker
    DRUMS:Toxey Sewell
    BASS:Lyle Ritz,Ray Pohlman,
    Carol Kaye,Robert West
    GUITARS:Mike Deasy,Russ Titelman,Al Casey,David Cohen
    PIANO-KEYBOARDS:Michael Lang,Don Randi
    TRUMPETS:Roy Caton
    TROMBONES:Louis Blackburn,John Vidusich
    SAXOPHONES:Jay Migliori,Jack Nimitz,Gene Cipriano,Bud Shank
    STRINGS:Joseph Quadrl,Irving Geller,Norman Botnick,Emil Briano,John Peter Devoogdt,Irving Lipschultz,Darrell Terwilliger