Thursday, July 6, 2017

五つの赤い風船 ‎– ボクは広野に一人居る

五つの赤い風船 ‎– ボクは広野に一人居る
URC 1026/1027 (1972)

Side One
1. ボクは広野に一人居る
2. 母の生まれた街
3. えんだん
4. これがボクらの道なのか
5. 小さな夢
6. まぼろしの翼とともに

Side Two
1. どこかの星に伝えて下さい
2. もしもボクの背中に羽根が生えてたら
3. 血まみれの鳩
4. てるてる坊主
5. 遠い世界に
6. ボーン・アゲイン

Side Three
1. まぼろしの翼とともに
2. 一番星見つけた
3. まるで洪水のように

Side Four
1. 同じ穴のなんとかさ
2. 殺してしまおう
3. 風がなにかを
4. これがボクらの道なのか

David Cohen - guitar
Dean Parks - guitar
Joe Osborn - bass
Don Randi - piano
Red Rhodes - pedal steel guitar
Lou Worrei - guitar
Ed Greene - drums
Don Peake - mandolin, guitar
Jim Gordon - drums
Larry Carlton - guitar


  1. Nice work.
    Here is one more

    1. Thanks! The Steve March record is already on the blog.

  2. Jack Wilce: Apple Pie, Mother And The Flag / Ballad Of Baby Browning

    Original release date: unknown (Elektra)

    Apple Pie, Mother And The Flag
    Ballad Of Baby Browning

    Note: The extent of Gram's participation is not known. John Delgatto (of Sierra Records) reports that Gram participates on the B-side.

    Updated 24 feb 2007: Taken from the mouth of Jack Wilce himself : the line up on Apple Pie Mother and the Flag and The Ballad of Baby Browning is : Gram Parsons/ Background vocals, Sneaky Pete Kleinow/ Pedal steel, Chris Ethridge/ Bass, James Burton/ Electric guitar, Dobro and.Jim Gordon/ Drums. Jack Wilce played acoustic guitar and sang lead on both tracks

    Have a nice day.