Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ben E. King - Let Me Live In Your Life

Ben E. King - Let Me Live In Your Life
Atlantic Records SD-19200 (1978)

Side One
1. Tippin'
2. Wonder Woman
3. Let Me Live In Your Life
4. I See The Light
5. Fly Away (To My Wonderland)

Side Two
1. Dark Storm On The Horizon
2. Family Jewels
3. Sweet Rhapsody
4. Spoiled
5. Fifty Years

Ben E. King - vocals
Christine Wiltshire - vocals
Helen Duncan - vocals
Phyllis Duncan - vocals
Gena Tharps - vocals
Gwen Owen - vocals
Brenda Jones - vocals
Shirley Jones - vocals
Valorie Jones - vocals
Charles Chalmers - vocals
Donna Rhodes - vocals
Sandra Rhodes - vocals
Roberta Moore - vocals
Julia Waters - vocals
Luther Waters - vocals
Maxine Waters - vocals
Oren Waters - vocals
James Jamerson - bass
Norbert Sloley - bass
Scott Edwards - bass
Bill Murphy - bass
Wilton Felder - bass
Eddie "Bongo" Brown - bongos, congas
James Gadson - drums
Jim Gordon - drums
Melvin Robertson - drums
Richard Taninbaum - drums
Bobby Manuel - guitar
Jay Graydon - guitar
Jimmy McGhee - guitar
Ken Mazur - guitar
Lee Ritenour - guitar
Stan Lucas - guitar
Jimmy Joy - keyboards
John Barns - keyboards
Leroy Burgess - keyboards
Patrick Adams - keyboards
Gary Coleman - percussion
Michael Lewis - percussion
The Memphis Symphony Orchestra

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  1. Hello,

    Fly Away (To My Wonderland)is a cool Ben E. King song with great Jim Gordon drumming. Please add:
    12440 (1969) Musicians:
    Drums: James B. Gordon,Michael Botts
    Bass: Jerry Scheff
    Piano and Harpsichord: Van Dyke Parks
    Piano and Organ: Lawrence Knechtel,Paul Lewinson
    Percussion:Gary Coleman
    Horns:John Audino,Donald Menza,Plas Johnson,Gene
    Cipriano,James Horn,Jay Migliori,Anthony Terran
    Strings:Anne Goodman,Douglas C. Davis, Leonard Malarsky,Harry Bluestone,Bonnie Douglas,Erno Neufeld,Robert Berens