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J.J. Light - Heya!

J.J. Light - Heya!

1. Na Ru Ka
2. Silently Sleeping
3. Follow Me Girl
4. It's Wednesday
5. Until It Snows
6. Electric Land Band, The
7. Hello, Hello, Hello
8. Heya
9. While the World Turns to Stone
10. Henry Glover
11. Hey Yo Hanna Wa
12. Indian Disneyland
13. Gallup, New Mexico
14. On the Road Now
15. Low Rider Rule
16. Running Bear
17. Rose Marie
18. A Thousand Years Old
19. Love Is Not a Game
20. Power to the People
21. Kent State Massacre
22. Christine
23. Don't We All Get Lonely Sometimes?
24. Have You Seen My Baby?
25. Stuck in Prison
26. Heya

Jim Stallings - vocals, bass, guitar
Gary Rowles - guitar
Ron Morgan - guitar
Larry Knechtel - piano, organ
Joe Osborne - bass
Jim Gordon - drums
Earl Palmer - drums


  1. Mariya Takeuchi ‎– Love Songs
    RCA ‎– RVL-8047 (1980)


    A1 - Fly Away
    Alto Saxophone – David Boruff
    Arranged By – Gene Page
    Backing Vocals – Gene Merlino, Michael Redman, Stan Faber
    Bass – Leland Sklar
    Drums – Russ Kunkel
    Guitar – Carmen Mosier, Tim May
    Keyboards – David Benoit
    Lyrics By – Carole Bayer Sager
    Music By – Peter Allen
    Percussion – Rodney Rozzelle

    A2 - Sayonara No Yoake
    Arranged By – Gene Page
    Backing Vocals – Gene Merlino, Michael Redman, Stan Faber
    Bass – Jerry Scheff
    Drums – Jim Gordon
    Flugelhorn – Chuck Findley
    Guitar – Carmen Mosier, Paul Jackson
    Keyboards – Larry Knechtel, Michael Boddicker

    A3 - Jikiarashi
    Arranged By [Strings] – Gene Page

    A4 - Zouge Kaigan
    Backing Vocals – Epo

    A5 - Gosenshi
    Backing Vocals – Epo

    B1 - Lonely Wind
    Arranged By – Gene Page
    Backing Vocals – Gene Merlino, Michael Redman, Stan Faber
    Bass – Jerry Scheff
    Drums – Jim Gordon
    Flugelhorn – Chuck Findley
    Guitar – Carmen Mosier
    Piano – Larry Knechtel

    B2 - Koi No Owarini
    Backing Vocals – A.M.E. Sistars

    B3 - Matteiruwa
    Arranged By – Gene Page
    Bass – Leland Sklar
    Drums – Russ Kunkel
    Guitar – Carmen Mosier, Tim May
    Keyboards – David Benoit
    Noises [Background Noises] – Baker Bigsby, Carmen Mosier, Terry A. More

    B4 - September
    Arranged By [Choir] – Epo
    Backing Vocals – Epo

    B5 - Fushigina Peach Pie
    Backing Vocals – Epo

    B6 - Little Lullaby
    Accordion – Frank Marocco
    Arranged By – Gene Page
    Bass – Jerry Scheff
    Drums – Jim Gordon
    Guitar – Carmen Mosier
    Keyboards – Larry Knechtel

    Lowell George ‎– Thanks I'll Eat It Here

    Track listing

    "What do you want the Girl to do" (Allen Toussaint)– 4:46
    "Honest Man" (Lowell George and Fred Tackett) – 3:45
    "Two Trains" (Lowell George) – 4:32
    "Can't Stand the Rain" (Ann Peebles) – 3:21
    "Cheek to Cheek" (Lowell George, Van Dyke Parks and Martin Kibbee)– 2:23
    "Easy Money" (Rickie Lee Jones)– 3:29
    "Twenty Million Things" (Lowell George and Jed Levy)– 2:50
    "Find a River" (Fred Tackett)– 3:45
    "Himmler's Ring" (Jimmy Webb)– 2:28
    "Heartache" (CD-bonus track with Valerie Carter) (Lowell George and Ivan Ulz)– 2:28


    Lowell George - Guitar, Vocals and Production
    Bonnie Raitt - Vocals
    James Newton Howard - keyboards
    Chuck Rainey - Bass
    Denny Christianson - Keyboards
    David Foster - Keyboards
    Chilli Charles - Drums
    Nicky Hopkins - Keyboards & Horn
    Jim Price - Horn
    Jim Keltner - Drums
    Jim Gordon - Drums
    Michael Baird - Drums & Bass
    Dennis Belfield - Bass
    Bobby Bruce - Violin, Guitar
    Turner Stephen Bruton - Guitar & Horn
    Dennis Christianson - Horn
    Luis Damian - Guitar & keyboards
    Gordon DeWitte - Keyboards & Piano
    Maxine Dixon - Piano
    Arthur Gerst - Piano
    Jimmy Greenspoon - Guitar, Piano
    Roberto Gutierrez - Vocals, Guitar, Drums
    Richie Hayward - Drums
    Jerry Jumonville - Saxophone & Guitar
    Ron Koss - Guitar & Engineering
    Darrell Leonard - Horn & Vocals
    Maxayn Lewis - Vocals
    David Paich - Drums
    Jeff Porcaro - Drums, guitar
    Dean Parks - Guitar & keyboards
    Bruce Paulson - Keyboards
    Bill Payne - Keyboards & Vocals
    Herb Pedersen - Vocals
    Joel Peskin - Vocals & Saxophone
    John Phillips - Saxophone & Drums
    Peggy Sandvig, Jim Self - Drums
    Floyd Sneed - Drums & Vocals
    J.D. Souther - Bass & Vocals
    Paul Stallworth - Bass & guitar
    Fred Tackett - Guitar & Vocals
    Maxine Willard Waters - Vocals

  2. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Volume 3 - A Child's Guide To Good And Evil - 1968

    Track listing

    "Eighteen Is Over the Hill" (Bob Markley, Ron Morgan)
    "In the Country" (Markley, Shaun Harris, Terry Kath)
    "Ritual #1" (Markley, Harris, John Ware)
    "Our Drummer Always Plays in the Nude" (Markley, Harris)
    "As the World Rises and Falls" (Markley, Morgan)
    "Until the Poorest People Have Money to Spend" (Markley, Harris)
    "Watch Yourself" (Buddy Guy, Robert Yaezel)
    "A Child's Guide to Good and Evil" (Markley, Harris)
    "Ritual #2" (Markley, Harris)
    "A Child of a Few Hours Is Burning to Death" (Markley, Morgan)
    "As Kind as Summer" (Markley, Harris, Roger Bryant)
    "Anniversary of World War III" (Markley)
    2001 CD Bonus Tracks
    "Shifting Sands (Single Mix)" (Baker Knight)
    "1906 (Single Mix)" (Markley, Morgan)


    Bob Markley: vocals
    Shaun Harris: vocals, bass
    Ron Morgan: guitar
    Jim Gordon: drums

    Oliver Nelson: Black, Brown and Beautiful (1970)

    Pietro Alfieri Art Direction, Design
    Bob Ashton Reeds
    Danny Bank Reeds
    Willie Bobo Percussion
    Eddie Brackett Engineer
    Oscar Brashear Flugelhorn, Trumpet
    Randy Brecker Guest Artist, Trumpet
    Garnett Brown Guest Artist, Trombone
    Bobby Bryant Flugelhorn, Trumpet
    Dennis Budimir Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
    Hugh Burns Guitar (Electric), Spanish Guitar
    Harry Carney Composer
    Ron Carter Bass
    Stacy Dance Liner Note Compilation
    Chuck Domanico Bass
    Pat Donaldson Bass (Electric)
    Duke Ellington Composer
    Joe Farrell Reeds
    Pete Gavin Drums
    Norman Gimbel Composer
    Jim Gordon Drums
    Bill Green Sax (Tenor)
    Al Grey Guest Artist, Trombone
    John Gross Sax (Tenor)
    John Guerin Drums
    Roy Haynes Drums
    Earl Hines Piano
    Charles "Chas" Hodges Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Johnny Hodges Reeds
    Quentin Jackson Guest Artist, Trombone
    Joe Jammer Guitar (Electric)
    Antonio Carlos Jobim Composer
    Hank Jones Piano
    Bob Katz Composer
    Pearl Kaufman Organ
    Roger Kellaway Organ
    John Klemmer Sax (Tenor)
    Ria Lewerke Art Direction, Design
    Rico Lins Digital Engineer, Illustrations
    Shelly Manne Percussion
    Newton Mendonça Composer
    Irving Mills Composer
    Thomas Mitchell Guest Artist, Trombone
    Mike Morand Piano
    Oliver Nelson Arranger, Composer, Conductor, Piano, Primary Artist, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano)
    Bill Perkins Sax (Tenor)
    Jerome Richardson Flute, Reeds, Sax (Alto)
    Lee Ritenour Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
    Ruth Ann Roberts Composer
    Ernie Royal Guest Artist, Trumpet
    Bob Simpson Engineer
    Lonnie Liston Smith Piano, Piano (Electric)
    David Spinozza Guitar
    Marvin Stamm Guest Artist, Trumpet
    Charles Stewart Photography
    Frank Strozier Sax (Alto)
    Grady Tate Drums
    Bob Thiele Composer, Producer
    Leon Thomas Composer, Vocals
    Frank Wess Reeds
    Mary Lou Williams Composer
    Mike Wolford ARP Synthesizer, Piano
    Snooky Young Guest Artist, Trumpet

  3. thanks Sergej, all the session info i've read about "Black, Brown, & Beautiful," don't have Jim on you have a definitive source that says he is?

  4. Sorry. I don't have this record. Here are some informations
    Have a nice day.