Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tennessee Ernie Ford - For The 83rd Time

Tennessee Ernie Ford - For The 83rd Time
Capitol Records ST-11561 (1976)

Side One
1. I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train
2. Cowboy
3. Daddy What's A Tree
4. I've Been There Too
5. Ain't Goin' Down In The Ground Before My Time

Side Two
1. Sweet Feelin's
2. The Dogs And Sheriff John
3. I've Been Through The Mill
4. Good Friends And Fireplaces
5. Everybody Needs A Rainbow

Tennessee Ernie Ford - vocals
Ben Benay - guitar, harmonica
Rick Littlefield - guitar
Al Capps - vocals
Andra Willis - vocals
Carolyn Willis - vocals
Harry Middlebrooks - vocals
Larry Muhoberac - vocals, keyboards
Myrna Matthews - vocals
Jerry Cole - dobro
Jim Gordon - drums
Curtis Stone - bass
J.D. Manesss - pedal steel guitar

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