Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cilla Black - It Makes Me Feel Good

Cilla Black - It Makes Me Feel Good
EMI EMC-3108 (1976)

Side One
1. Something About You
2. I'll Take A Tango
3. September Love Affair
4. Lay The Music Down
5. San Diego Serenade
6. Heartbeat

Side Two
1. Running Out Of World
2. To Know Him Is To Love Him
3. It Makes Me Feel Good
4. Lay It All Down
5. One Step From Your Arms
6. Lovin' Land

Cilla Black - vocals
Trevor Spencer - drums, percussion
Alan Tarney - guitar, sitar, bass, vocals
Terry Britten - guitar
Barrie Guard - keyboards, percussion
Madeline Bell - vocals
Vicki Brown - vocals
Joanne Williams - vocals
Barry Morgan - drums
Kevin Peek - guitar
Cliff Hall - keyboards
Godfrey Salmon - violin
Jim Gordon - drums, percussion
Leland Sklar - bass
David Paitch - keyboards
Lee Ritenour - guitar
Walt Meskell - guitar
Herbie Flowers - bass
David MacKay - vocals
Wally Smith - trombone
B.J. Cole - steel guitar


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  2. Tim Thorney – Thorney's Latest Album 1977
    Jim play on one song.

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    Her is more Jim Gordon's playing
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  4. Here is a story of making the second record from The Hues Corporation - Rockin' Soul. Jim is on again.
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