Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bill LaBounty - Promised Love

Bill LaBounty - Promised Love
20th Century Records T-492 (1975)

Side One
1. Lie To Me
2. Together
3. Crazy
4. I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me
5. Always Be Near

Side Two
1. Take A Step
2. Pretty Little Angel
3. Open Your Eyes
4. Another Drunk

Bill LaBounty - vocals, keyboards
Jim Gordon - drums
Jeff Porcaro - drums
Larry Knechtel - bass, keyboards
Stu Woods - bass
Ray Parker - guitar
Dean Parks - guitar
Lee Ritenour - guitar
Mike Melvoin - keyboards
Victor Feldman - percussion
Jim Horn - saxophone
Shirley Matthews - vocals
The Miracles - vocals


  1. There is more.
    Dick Rosmini - A Genuine Rosmini Imperial LP-12440 From 1969

    Musicians: Drums:James B. Gordon,Michael Botts, Bass:Jerry Scheff,Piano and Harpsichord:Van Dyke Parks,Piano and Organ:Lawrence Knechtel,Paul Lewinson,Percussion:Gary Coleman,Horns:John Audino,Donald Menza,Plas Johnson,Gene Cipriano,James Horn,Jay Migliori,Anthony Terran,Strings:Anne Goodman,Douglas L. Davis,Leonard Malarsky,Harry Bluestone,Bonnie Douglas,Erno Neufeld,Robert Berens

  2. Harry Nilsson - Flash Harry (1980)

    André Jacquemin Producer
    Arthur Gerst Harp
    Ben Benay Guitar
    Bill Payne Keyboards
    Bobby Keys Saxophone
    Danny Kortchmar Guitar
    Donald "Duck" Dunn Bass
    Eric Idle Producer
    Fred Staehle Drums
    Fred Tackett Guitar
    Freddie Staehle Drums
    Jerry Jumonville Saxophone
    Jim Gordon Musician
    Jim Horn Musician
    Jim Keltner Drums
    Jimmy Roberts Saxophone
    John Jarvis Keyboards
    Keith Allison Guitar
    Klaus Voormann Bass
    Lowell George Guitar
    Luis Damian Musician
    Mac Rebennack Piano
    Paul Stallworth Bass
    Richie Zito Musician
    Rick Schlosser Drums
    Ricky Lawson Musician
    Ringo Starr Drums
    Scott Edwards Bass
    Steve Cropper Producer, Musician
    Tony Martin, Jr Musician
    Trevor Jones Producer
    Van Dyke Parks Keyboards
    Wilton Felder Saxophone

    Have a nice day.


  4. John Davidson - Touch Me
    20th Century T-429 (1974)
    There is Jim too.
    Where can i send you the scans?