Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Harry Nilsson - Skidoo

Harry Nilsson - Skidoo
RCA Victor LSO-1152

Side One
1. The Cast and Crew
2. I Will Take You There
3. SKIDOO/Commercials
4. Goodnight Mr. Banks/Let's get the Hardware/Murder in the Car Wash
5. Angie's Suite
6. The Tree

Side Two
1. Garbage Can Ballet
2. Tony's Trip
3. Escape: Impossible/Green Bay Packers March
4. Man Wasn't Meant to Fly
5. Escape: Possible
6. SKIDOO/Goodnight Mr. Banks

Jim Gordon - drums
Harry Nilsson - vocals
Carol Channing - vocals
Larry Knetchel - bass
Mitchael Woofors - piano, hapsichord

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  1. There are un-released songs and demos that Jim Gordon plays on, included in the new Harry Nilsson
    CD box "Nilsson- "The RCA Albums Collection"