Sunday, July 1, 2012

Marjoe Gortner - Bad But Not Evil

Marjoe Gortner - Bad But Not Evil
Chelsea Records - CHE-1005 (1972)

Side One
1. Hoe-Bus
2. The Ballad Of Spider John
3. Lo And Behold!
4. Wind Up
5. I'm A Man

Side Two
1. Collection Box
2. Glory Glory Hallelujah
3. I Shall Be Released
4. Faith Healing Remedy

Marjoe Gortner - vocals
Jim Keltner - drums
Hal Blaine - drums
Jim Gordon - drums
Joe Osborne - bass
Larry Carlton - guitar
Dean Parks - guitar
Louis Shelton - guitar
Mike Melvoin - organ
Michael Omartian - piano
Gary Coleman - percussion
Chris Darrow - violin
Tom Scott - tenor saxophone
Jim Horn - baritone saxophone
Venetta Fields - vocals
Clydie King - vocals
Sherlie Matthews - vocals
Maxine Willard - vocals
Robbie Montgomery - vocals
Gwen Johnson - vocals
Oma Drake - vocals


  1. Here is Jim.

    1. Here is one for Happy Summer Days.....

      CYNDI GRECO - 'Makin' our Dreams Come True' -
      -Private Stock '76

      P.S.Check out Sergej's Keltner discography

    2. do you have a scan of this record or a link to info about JG being on this record?

  2. 2 more with Jim on.

    The Surf Symphony – Song Of Summer (1969)
    Capitol Records ST-329

    The Surf Symphony is an album that showcases a rhythm section from some of the finest studio musicians available in Hollywood, CA., including Mike Deasy, Ben Benay and Vic Briggs (guitars), Ray Pohlman, Lyle Ritz (bass), Mike Rubini, John Myles (keyboards), Jim Horn, Jules Jacob (woodwinds), Gary Coleman (percussion), Jim Gordon (drums), Lou McCreary, Lou Hyde (trombones) and Virgil Evans, Oliver Mitchell (trumpets).

    The album also features members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, playing a new concept in instrumental music, rich in the harmonies and romanticism long associated with music from California.

    The orchestra under the direction of Jan Rubini, who has toured the world as conductor and solo violinist was brought together at T. T.G. Studios in Hollywood, and recorded on 16 track tape, thereby allowing a degree of control and seperation never before possible in orchestral music. (Howard Hales Broom)

    Track Listing

    The Last Thrill
    Sandcastles At Sunset
    Get Back
    Warmth Of The Sun
    Green Water Sails
    Theme From “A Summer Place”
    The Promise Of Rain
    My Cherie Amour
    That Bluebird Of Summer
    Night Of The Lions

    Bobby And I – Bobby And I (1969)
    Imperial Records LP12420

    Bobby And I were a male/female, pop/jazz duo (Bobby Burch and Ken Fishler) with a sound very similar to Free Design that features excellent vocals and musical accompaniment. Musicians include Rod Ellicott (bass), Dave Cohen (guitar), Ken Fishler (piano-harpsichord), and Jim Gordon (drums).

    The album features original tracks by Ken Fishler along with a few covers such as “Everyone’s Gone To The Moon”, “Hurt So Bad”, and Joni Mitchell’s “Michael From Mountains”. After releasing this album in 1969, Bobby And I recorded one more single for Imperial in 1970, “On Rose Walk” b/w “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy” before fading from the music scene. (Max Collodie)

    Track Listing

    Love Is For Sharing
    Michael From Mountains
    Everyone’s Gone To The Moon
    Hurt So Bad
    Ben Lomand Lament
    Catching The Time In Your Hand (Jan’s Waltz)
    The Traffic Song
    Afternoon Sky
    Mohair Sam
    Sweet Talkin’ Guy
    Best Of Both Worlds

  3. "When people say that Jim Gordon is the greatest rock 'n' roll drummer who ever lived, I think it's true, beyond anybody" Eric Clapton quote from his autobiography "Clapton".