Sunday, March 25, 2012

Harpers Bizarre - Feelin' Groovy

Harpers Bizarre - Feelin' Groovy
Warner Bros. W-1693 (1967)

Side One
1. Come To The Sunshine
2. Happy Talk
3. Come Love
4. Raspberry Rug
5. 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)

Side Two
1. The Debutante's Ball
2. Happyland
3. Peter And The Wolf
4. I Can Hear The Darkness
5. Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear

Dickie Scoppetone - vocals, guitar, bass
Ted Templeman - vocals, guitar, drums
Eddie James - guitar
Dick Yount - bass, vocals
John Petersen - drums, percussion, vocals
Hal Blaine - drums
Joe Osborn - bass
Carol Kaye - bass
Lyle Ritz - bass
Mike Deasy - guitar
Al Casey - guitar
Tommy Tedesco - guitar
Leon Russell - piano
Randy Newman - piano
Van Dyke Parks - piano
Jim Gordon - drums
Glen Campbell - guitar


  1. Harpers Bizarre: Dickie Scoppetone (vocals, guitar, bass); Ted Templeman (vocals, guitar, drums); Eddie James (guitar); Dick Yount (bass, background vocals); John Petersen (drums, percussion, background vocals)
    Glen Campbell on guitar, Hal Blaine on drums, Joe Osborn, Carol Kaye, Lyle Ritz (bass) and Mike Deasy, Al Casey and Tommy Tedesco (guitar).

    1. Jim Gordon plays on Harpers Bizarre "Anything Goes" album too. The new Now Sounds CD has all the musicians credits.