Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Sunshine Company - The Sunshine Company

The Sunshine Company - The Sunshine Company
Imperial Records LP-12368 (1968)

Side One
1. Look, Here Come The Sun
2. Reflections On An Angel
3. Love, That's Where It Is
4. Sunday Brought The Rain
5. I Can't Help But Wonder
6. I, To We, And Back Again

Side Two
1. It's Sunday
2. You Don't Know Her Like I Do
3. Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind
4. If You Only Knew
5. Darcy Farrow
6. Without Really Thinking

Jim Gordon - drums
Mike Melvoin - keyboards
other personnel unknown


  1. If you liked The Sunshine Company you probably dug
    Gary Lewis with "Listen!" on Liberty from Oct.'67

    Drums: Toxey Sewell
    Bass: Lyle Ritz,Ray Pohlman,Carol Kaye,Robert West Guitars: Mike Deasy,Russ Titelman,Al Casey,David Cohen
    Various Percussion:Jim Gordon,Curry Tjader,John Clauder,John Baker
    Piano/Keyboards:Michael Lang,Don Randi
    Trumpet:Roy Caton
    Trombones:Louis Blackburn,John Vidusich
    Saxophones:Jay Migliori,Jack Nimitz,Gene Cipriano,Bud Shank
    Strings:Joseph Quadri,Irving Geller,Norman Botnick,Emil Briano,John Peter Devoogdt,Irving Lipschultz,Darrel Terwilliger
    Arranger & Conductor:Jack Nitzsche
    Producer:Gary Klein
    Copyist:Roy Caton
    Engineer:John Haeny
    Studio:Western Recorders (studio 1)

  2. Peggy Lee - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Capitol
    ST-463- 1970 Personnel includes Drums/percussion-James "Jim" Gordon Bass-Max Bennett Percussion-Gary Coleman,Milt Holland Guitars-Dennis Budimir,Louie Shelton Keyboard/piano-Larry Knechtel,Lou Levy,Joe Sample Horns-Jim Horn,Chuck Findley,Buddy Childers,Don Menza,Oliver Mitchell- Pete Woodford